Be a part of the tradition.

Only a handful of institutions in the nation offer a dedicated facility to an honors program. Our Honors College is housed in Earle Hall, the largest residence hall on campus that features modern suites and abundant space for academic and social activities.

Earle Hall

Classrooms. Lounges. A 24-hour computer lab. Student facilities and housing. Earle Hall is a comprehensive facility that creates a rigorous study environment that we require to achieve the goals of your Honors education.

The Honors Earle Hall facility includes a music practice room with a piano which, like the computer labs, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Intellectual behavior is at the forefront at the Honors College as a result of the concentration of students and faculty in Earle Hall. Conversations and ideas fostered in the classroom can flow freely between course and student residence.

Seminar Rooms

Honors College classes engage students from the beginning. To encourage lively discussion, each Honors College classroom is furnished with a seminar table and chairs rather than desks. The Honors class, intense and engaging, quickly becomes a central part of the Honors experience.

Dormitory Rooms and Suites

About 100 Honors students live in Earle Hall on the three floors above the offices and seminar rooms. These floors include a number of suites for the Honors College students as well as the more traditional double rooms.

Computer and Study Facilities

Both the first floor and lower level of the Honors facility offer student areas for studying and computer use. The first floor computer laboratory is designed for advanced graphic work, while the lower level computer area features Mac and PC workstations at which students can write and conduct research. Both levels include study rooms that are comfortably furnished to provide students the opportunity to read and think, day or night. All of these rooms promote learning and growth through the exchange of ideas and insights.


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