Modern and human conditions. Social sciences. Liberal arts.

Honors College student at Adelphi reads during class

Honors seminars are separated into specific areas of study to help you expand your intellect and discover new perspectives. Assigned readings in Honors Seminars often raise questions about human values and ethical beliefs and actions across cultures. Reflection and study may lead you to clarify your own beliefs and examine how you live your life. Such thoughtfulness will prepare you to be an effective leader, both at Adelphi and after you graduate.

Honors Seminars covers specific areas of study, including:

  • The modern condition, introducing you to the body of knowledge and multiple theories that have most affected the 21st century—in the arts, social thought, science and humanities.

  • The human condition in literature, examining great works of literature from classical Greek to the present, philosophy, history, art and music from the Old Testament and ancient periods to the present. Explore narration, topics and ideas that have preoccupied humanity across centuries.

  • The social sciences, inspiring you to develop your own visions of society and social change to begin an active engagement with the fundamental issues of human society.

  • The liberal arts, serving as the capstone of the Honors curriculum. Although often focused on a topic studied in a single discipline, the atmosphere and point of view are interdisciplinary (taken in the senior year).

Recent Honors seminars have included:

  • Consequences of Global Climate Change
  • Cultural Paradigms in Cinema
  • Erotic Afterlives: Poetry of James Merrill
  • Human Ecology
  • Mathematics and the Enlightenment
  • Reading Kafka
  • The Idea of the Comic

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