Honors College Student Research

Find the experience you need with our research opportunities.

As an Honors student, you are encouraged to explore your interests and apply your intellectual and creative talents in your chosen field. You’ll participate in many summer research fellowship programs, both on and off campus. Internships and study abroad opportunities are available.

We can help you find the experience you desire in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities or business field. We encourage you to begin research as soon as you arrive at Adelphi. Oftentimes on-campus research turns into attractive off-campus summer research opportunities.

Some opportunities include:

  • The McDonell Fellowship program, a 10-week, full-time research program that supplies $4,000 to each student to undertake summer study in the sciences
  • Honors College summer research fellowships that supply $500 a week for up to eight weeks for summer research in any field. Preference is given to seniors, but freshmen are also eligible. Past fellows include David Campmier, a junior, who researched Dennis Hart Mahan and the U.S. Civil War using the archives at West Point, and Alexa Savino, a sophomore who worked with Assistant Professor Nicole Rudolph, Ph.D., on comparing female roles in French politics in 1798 and the 2000s.
  • The Community Fellows Program, which provides students with paid internships in the nonprofit sector
  • Original research in an area of your choosing, leading to trips to national conferences
  • Research opportunities in local hospitals and other areas
  • Study abroad, with special opportunities for Honors students in Greece and Crete during the summer

For further information, please contact:

Honors College
p – 516.877.3800