Summer Research Fellows

Engage in academic research and scholarly exploration.

Adelphi honors student research reaches across all disciplines, including the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts.

Student Research Topics

John Anglin

Disarmament and Its Consequences in Mandatory Palestine

David Campmier

A.T. Mahan and D.H. Mahan: Father and Son—What did they share concerning U.S. foreign and military policy? (West Point Military Academy; U.S. Naval War College; Library of Congress)

Brandon Dove

Musical Perception: Intrinsic Features of Music and Internalization of Sound (MIT Media Lab)

Arthur Fain

Case in Kinase 1 Delta Regulation of Mouse Suprachiasmatic Circadian Clock (University of Massachusetts Medical School)

Matthew Halvatzis

Beyond the Anxiety of Influence: Relationships between writers and their predecessors in the Western Literary Tradition

Michael Khayan

Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution

Oliver Littleton

Heroes: What were they, what are they, what will they become?

Mahnoor Misbah

Justice in the 21st Century: An Analysis of U.S. Public Financing of Education

Bryan Montanari

In Search of Being, In Search of Time: Heidegger and Proust

Michael Nicholas

Contextualizing Jane Jacobs in Contemporary NYC Applications

Elizabeth Sam

An Intersectional Feminist Analysis of the Representation Of Asian Women in Western Media

Jake Stamoulis

Planning and drafting a novella

Joseph Taglienti

 Surveillance and Self-Consciousness in Dangerous Liaisons


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